Nomisma Holdings


Nomisma Holdings最新远程工作招聘信息


About The Company:

Nomisma ( is a block-chain based fintech solution provider. Our primary mission is to adapt seasoned financial concepts to address issues that arise from the extreme volatility and fragmentation in the crypto world. Our proposed set of protocols will lead to the emergence of a cryptocurrency fixed income market and organic development of a robust stablecoin. 

We envision a world where everyone has access to transparent, trustless, robust financial infrastructure. Where accountability of financial institutions is in the hands of common citizens, globally, and this trustless foundation is intrinsic to the system.

We enable risk customization, interest, borrowing/lending, leverage, and the creation of safe assets for the cryptocurrency universe. Our protocol is based on peer-reviewed financial engineering, built on decentralized infrastructure where every step is transparent, trustless, and regulatory compliant. No margin calls. No counter party risk. No liquidation. You never need to trust the system (or anyone in it) with ownership of your assets. We deeply believe this will create a new, more inclusive financial system world-wide, unlocking and delivering novel sources of value to all users.

Nomisma is well funded with the seed funding from the founder and the world’s largest market maker to secure its early stage development. The founder team is comprised of world-class industry and academic leaders (Goldman Sachs/Harvard Business School).

Your Job

You are passionate about software and you love to build a superior user experience.


1. Work with product management team and UX team to develop a world class financial system
2. Understand requirements to build a user friendly application
3. Communicate requests to backend engineers for any new APIs needed and optimization of existing APIs
4. Able to think from a user perspective to recommend/add features for a better user experience. 
5. Able to push back if requirements are not clear or if the UX might not be sound
6. Independently build world-class UI with clean front end code with minimal guidance


1. Formally trained with a strong academic record (CS degree preferred)
2. Have a strong understanding of modern JavaScript including ES6 and beyond,
3. 3+ years of professional experience, worked on frontend project with React
4. working with frontend development techniques and stacks (Webpack, SASS, CSS3, HTML5)
5. Experience with 3rd-party REST API integrations
6. Strong knowledge of version control software, specifically Git
7. Basic knowledge of blockchain / crypto. Preferable knowledge of web3.js.
8. (Bonus) Familiar with at least one backend language like Python / Ruby / Java / Rust
9. (Bonus) Familiar with Linux server and basic DevOps skills
10. (Bonus) Experienced in smart contract programming (Solidity)


1. Effective verbal and written communication skills in English language are a given.
2. A strong plus if you can speak Chinese(Mandarin)

Should Provide:

1. Links to your GitHub/Stack Overflow/Personal Blog or something that you’ve built
2. Resume or LinkedIn Profile (if any)






1. 与产品和用户体验团队协同工作,开发国际水准的金融应用程序。
2. 理解和熟悉构建用户体验优良的应用程序的要求。
3. 与后段团队沟通,制定新的API接口或优化现有的API接口。
4. 能从使用者角度出发, 在用户体验设计上提出合理的建议或改进。
5. 在用户需求不明确的情况下,能合理退回并明确需求。
6. 能编写清晰明了的前端代码,构建使用成本低的国际水准前端产品。


1. 计算机本科或以上学历
2. 对 modern JavaScript ,包括 ES6,有深层次理解和掌握。
3. 三年或以上计算机行业从业经验,熟练掌握 React 等前端框架
4. 熟悉前端开发技术栈:Webpack, SASS, CSS3, HTML5
5. 熟悉第三方 REST API 集成
6. 熟悉版本控制系统,如 Git
7. 对区块链和虚拟货币的基本了解。 了解 web3.js 的优先。
8. (加分点) 熟悉最少一门后端语言如 Python / Ruby / Java / Rust
9. (加分点) 熟悉 Linux server 和基本运维技能。
10. (加分点) 熟悉智能合约编程(Solidity)


1. 良好的中英文书面和听说能力


1.GitHub/Stack Overflow/个人技术博客 or something that you’ve built
2.英文简历或 LinkedIn 页面