React Frontend Engineer
面议 远程全职 远程工作
  • 開發 WOO X 交易所網站前端頁面以及相關產品服務
  • 參與創新工具的開發,進一步豐富我們的產品生態
  • 改進產品效能及提高使用者體驗
  • Develop WOO X web products that support digital asset trading.
  • Participate in building up innovative tools to enrich the ecosystem of our products.
  • Optimize the process of development, performance and user experience continuously.

Who will you be working with?

  • 你會與 UIUX 設計師密切合作,一起打造用戶絕佳的使用體驗
  • 你會與產品經理、後端工程師及測試工程師一起工作,確保軟體開發生命週期的品質
  • Maintain close collaboration with UI designer for the best user experience.
  • With product manager, backend engineers, and quality assurance engineering team to produce products of high quality.

What challenges will you face?

  • 團隊規模小、產品迭代速度快,個人對產品的影響力很大
  • 你會時常經歷跨國及跨部門的合作,需要有良好的學習及溝通能力
  • Ability to work in an environment empowering yourself to succeed and in a fast-paced global team.
  • Self-management ability and a team working with people from different countries. Learning ability and communication skills.

What tech stacks/skills will you be using?

  • 你需要至少 3 年以上的前端開發經驗,並且熟悉 React.js

  • 熟悉 React.js 相關 library ,譬如 Redux, React Query 等

  • 精通前端基礎知識:JavaScript, CSS, HTML, ES6 等

  • 熟悉實時資料的處理方法,譬如 Websocket, RxJs ,並且可以察覺潛在的效能問題

  • Minimum of 2 years frontend development experience and familiar with React.js.

  • React architecture – frequently.

  • JavaScript, CSS, HTML, ES6 – frequently.

  • Performance-optimizing – frequently.