资深前端React工程师 25k-50k


About Stey

Born out from Sweden, Stey delivers a new solution to urban living.

Stey is a property-technology startup that designs urban buildings and communities where all services and facilities are vertically integrated under one roof. We blend private living with access to get $1000 loan instantly shared community and public spaces. Through a combination of traditional hospitality and the smartest digital solutions we have created an innovative balance of home, co-living space and hotel. Designed on the principles of sharing we not only make it possible to live urban but are also more cost-effective and sustainable.

Our offices are located in the heart of Beijing’s CBD, next to Guomao / Kerry center.

Website: www.stey.com
Wechat Official Account: Stey
Please send your resume to: recruit@stey.com

Stey 是一个科技型物业管理创业公司,我们设计城市建筑构建社区,使所有的服务和设施能够在这一空间得到整合和共享。我们致力于为私人生活注入有趣的社区和公共空间。通过将传统的客房服务与智能数字解决方案结合,我们实现了家庭、共享生活空间与酒店之间的创新平衡。基于共享原则,城市生活将变得合算和可持续。


官网: www.stey.com
微信公众号: Stey
请将你的简历发送至: recruit@stey.com


Product Vision

At Stey, we are building a socially and environmentally conscience digital SaaS to enable any property developer to run a fully functional residential/hotel property efficiently and profitably. To meet our long-term vision for more sustainable living practices, we provide property owners with building utility consumption optimization, ESG (Environmental, social and corporate governance) based tokenized reward program that helps guests make more socially and environmentally conscious decisions. However, we also offer a suite of optimized standard features like integrated Property Management Systems (PMS), on-demand concierge services, digitized payments and booking systems. We want to make sure our users are future proof in a world where sustainable and a data-driven , seamless digital experience will be the standard of running a multi-unit residential property or hotel.

在 Stey,我们在搭建一个具有社会和低碳意识的数字化 SaaS平台。我们的目标是让任何房地产开发商都能够有效地节能,高效地运营现代化住宅/酒店物业。为了实现我们对低碳环保的价值观,我们为业主提供建筑层面节能优化系统、以及基于 ESG 的代币化奖励系统,帮助客人做出更具社会和环境意识的决策。在可持续和数据驱动发展的这个基础上Stey同时也在优化传统物业管理系统,数字化支付和预订系统, 让我们的客户和运营团队拥有更好面向未来的数字化解决方案。



Key Responsibilities

  • Responsible for frontend web development, maintaining high performance and writing code that is maintainable
  • Continuous improvement to user experience, optimizing page interactions
  • Research industry tech processes, providing planning optimization and improving product features


  • 负责web前端功能开发和重构,保持高效的前端性能,优秀的代码可维护性
  • 持续改进用户体验,优化页面交互操作流程
  • 研究分析行业主流技术实现、优化方案,不断改进产品功能


Ideal Profile

  • Undergraduate degree or above in computer science or related fields
  • Strong understanding of frontend technologies, understanding of Http protocol and relevant dev tools
  • Strong understanding of the React framework and experience with Ant design, large scale project development experience is a plus
  • Experience with mobile development, familiar with CSS3 animations
  • Good coding principles, logical code structure and naming procedures
  • Sense of responsibility, solid teamwork skills and abilities to cope with pressure
  • Solid levels of English listening and speaking skills, capable of reading English dev docs
  • Passionate about always learning / understanding new and upcoming trends (Crypto, Web3, ext.)
  • You’re passionate about smart home and designing the future of living.


  • 计算机软件及相关专业本科或本科以上学历
  • 熟练掌握前端相关技术,了解Http协议及相关开发调试工具
  • 熟练掌握React框架和有Ant design经验,有大型项目开发经验者优先
  • 具备移动端产品开发经验,熟练掌握CSS3动画及移动端页面开发者优先
  • 良好的编程习惯,代码结构清晰,命名规范
  • 责任心强,具备良好的团队合作精神和承受压力的能力
  • 良好的英语读写听说能力,能熟练阅读英文技术文档
  • 热衷于学习/了解新的和即将到来的趋势(加密货币、Web3 等)
  • 对智能设备及未来居住方式的设计有浓厚兴趣




Our Team

At Stey you will join, a cross-cultural and international team of professionals, with a strong work ethic and passion to create fantastic user experiences. The Stey team comprises of high caliber individuals from top tier companies, including ex-McKinsey, ex-Apple and ex-ofo. We value Agile delivery and the Lean Startup Methodology, all the while respecting a healthy work-life balance. We believe independent critical thinking is super important and we have minimal layers of management hierarchy: you will report directly to the CTO.

在Stey, 你将加入一个跨文化的国际专业团队,致力于创造极致的用户体验。Stey 团队由来自顶级公司的高素质人才组成,包括前麦肯锡,Apple,ofo等成员。我们重视敏捷交付和精益创业,始终尊重工作与生活的健康平衡。我们看重独立的思维模式,团队扁平化管理:你将直接向CTO汇报。

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Stey 是一个科技型物业管理创业公司,我们设计城市建筑构建社区,使所有的服务和设施能够在这一空间得到整合和共享。我们致力于为私人生活注入有趣的社区和公共空间。通过将传统的客房服务与智能数字解决方案结合,我们实现了家庭、共享生活空间与酒店之间的创新平衡。基于共享原则,城市生活将变得合算和可持续。